Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 To Do List

Resolutions. Just typing the word makes me itchy. I'm far more comfortable with a To Do list. In 2016, I want to: 
  1. read (at least) one career related book per month (in addition to usual entertainment reading)
  2. get back into regualr yoga routine
  3. eat more "real" food (i.e. stop eating out of boxes so much)
  4. make a more structured quiet time/Bible study (choose a specific place, dedicate a notebook, set an amount of time)
  5. revive my blog
  6. revive my etsy store
  7. spend at least a little time learning Spanish EVERY DAY
  8. illustrate every day items EVERY DAY
  9. get rid of lots of stuff - think curated instead of cluttered
  10. send mail
  11. paint master bedroom and office/craft room
  12. host a dinner party
  13. go on a weekend roadtrip
  14. write, illustrate and self-publish a children's book
  15. plant a vegetable garden
  16. clean out the fridge and pantry every month
  17. be thankful EVERY DAY
  18. get my email inbox cleaned out
  19. sew a legit quilt
  20. stop apologizing for my opinions / be more outspoken
That wasn't so hard. No itching. No pressure. No formality. Just a list. A list of things that I have an entire year to work on. A list of things that I actually want to do instead of a handful of resolutions that look just like everyone else's and include only big, daunting ideas (looking at you, weight loss).

What's on your list?

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