Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Digital Quilt Project: Collaborative Art

I'm starting up a collaborative art project and YOU are my collaborators - should you choose to accept this mission. Send me a word or phrase using this form. I will:
  • illustrate your word/phrase,
  • add the illustration to my digital quilt,
  • send you a high res copy of your word/phrase + illustration, AND
  • should I choose to put the illustration in my Etsy shop, I'll name it after you.
Keep up with the quilt progress here.

Add a button to your blog to show that you are participating in this project and invite others to join!

Copy the following:


  1. What a great idea! I'm going to try and think up something especially clever to submit! I hope you're not opposed to the 80s...


    1. I'm definitely not opposed to the 80s! In fact, I have a copyright 1981 tattoo on my rear. True story.

  2. As a stalker of your work and funny words this excites me! If I was a rich and famous blogger I would be paying you to design me a unique header and blog button but for now this digital quilt works for me. xo