Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Touché Tuesday Advice Column

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Dear Jen,
I just moved far away from home for college. I'm also a little shy. Do you have any suggestions for meeting new friends?
Sincerely, Party of One

Dear Party of One,
Not so very long ago I was a new-to-college girl with tons of friends (if you count inanimate objects). You came to the right advice column!

I made all of my friends by going directly to class, doing homework at lunchtime and not joining clubs. If you would like to take a more direct indirect (that's not a typo) approach, try AIRing. Walk up to a small group of people and throw out a subject followed by "am I right?" They'll go one way or the other before you make a commitment.  For example:
  • Spot a few nerds? Say "Ben Affleck as Batman, am I right?"
  • Catch up to a few jocks during your run? Say "sports words, am I right?"
  • See a pack of hott girls chewing gum and not saying much? Say "Miley Cyrus, am I right?"
  • Spy a gaggle of music lovers? Say "vinyl, am I right?"
  • Eyeball an environmentalist? Say "reusable bags, am I right?"
  • Professors the only people that will talk to you now? Say "vodka in a water bottle, am I right?"
AIRing isn't about compromising your beliefs. If the new people you happen upon turn out terrible, peace out. You have a 50/50 chance of the next group turning out great. 

Or just buy a few pizzas and open your door. 

♥ Jen

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Safety first, y'all.

Let's recap. I'm the chick who falls down stairs, gets second degree burns from a curling iron, breaks her tailbone during the first week of roller derby practice, checks boiling pasta with her fingers and almost burnt down that one apartment. My middle name used to be "Safety" but a judge made me change it. 

Because I have only been at my current job for one year and they don't know any better am a pillar of excellence, my boss appointed me safety coach for our department. Safety. Coach. After a few training sessions, I will be responsible for things like locating fire extinguishers, ridding the community fridge of toxic mold, making sure our environment is hazard-less and reminding smokers that we are smoke-free (because that won't get me punched in the throat).

AND drills. Surprise fire drills. 

I am nothing if not thorough. I have decided to implement my own additional surprise drills: 

  • Tornado Drill: Run screaming into a coworker's office tossing two-by-fours wildly about. Make sure you mess up some stuff. Leave.
  • Hurricane drill: Choose a coworker target, stand far away and stare at them. Move slowly in their direction. Suddenly turn and run into another coworker and blow all over them. Leave slowly. 
  • Crazy MoFo Drill: Hide in a coworkers office. Wait until they are in the zone, slowly rise up behind them holding dandelions. Include pee if you want.
  • Hipster Drill: Speak incessantly of fake bands. Hit any coworkers who pretend to know the bands with your smelly, floppy hat. Don't leave. Just stay and stay and stay in your stupid pants.
  • Anthony Weiner Drill: Oh who am I kidding? We perform this drill so often already that it's a wonder we get any work done. Hiyo.

No one cares for you as much as you care for you. Except your safety coach. If your office does not have a safety coach, appoint yourself. Because safety first, y'all. Feel free to use my ideas.

Don't be surprised if my next post is about being appointed Vice President.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rhymes So Fresh...

I'm still 107 rap fortune cookie prints away from a trip to Japan. That sentence definitely makes sense. 

If you just asked yourself, whhhaattt?, click here. Then get yourself some super grown-up rap cookie art for your office. Your boss will be impressed and you will have much financial gain. Also your lucky numbers are 1, 7, 32, and 578390. 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slow your roll.


I used to think of time as a lumbering concept. Almost drowsy. I remember aching to be done with high school  and being afraid I would never watch my graduation cap drift back to earth with the 326 caps of my classmates. 

I enjoyed the next chapter of my life far more but it continued to move with the slowness of cold honey. I was mostly okay with this tenor but the familiar whens and how longs and will I evers crept in.

When I give thought to years now, I realize they have become more akin to class five rapids. And I think, ever so eloquently, "s^%t".* 

Six months or eight months or eleven years -eleven years- and I'm no closer to seeing my name on a book cover. Or being a mom. Or wearing a size 10. Or becoming the type of person who never leaves dishes in the sink. Hey time, plod for me, baby.

At the beginning of 2013, I resolved to live with intention. To be aware of the minutes of my life. To experience and remember. I'm not doing that. I didn't write about my intentions to be intentional because I knew that I wouldn't follow through, albeit unintentionally. 

I don't think I know how to be intentional. I do know how to very crudely and inaccurately illustrate the inside of a chicken. So I still win adulthood. Clearly.

Tell me, how do you slow your roll?

*Great Grandmother said a lady never uses the s-word unless she is referring to literal s-word. I'm nothing if not a lady.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Florida Places to See: St. Augustine

Way back in June, I took a road trip to St. Augustine with my sister and a former co-worker of hers. If you are like us and fancy forts over night clubs, it's worth a visit. In December. Florida is hot.

We fed muffins to hotel cats, met a nutty lady with exposed lower butt cleavage, missed the turns for several Cracker Barrels, got inappropriate with some coquina and made friends with a cemetery ghost. I had so much fun that I forgot about the bone I had to pick with the place. "America's oldest city" is St. Augustine's claim to fame, but Pensacola, my stomping grounds, was actually America's first European settlement. Had it not been destroyed by a hurricane, P'Cola would hold the title. I guess "America's oldest continuously inhabited city" doesn't look as nice on t-shirts. 

I took a lot of photos of things that are not us, which I will show you in place of repeating all the reasons you should visit St. Augustine that you could read on a travel website.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feeling 32

I've been 32 for exactly one month and I'm pretty boss at it. Boss means fumbly with the unfortunate fashion sense of Hannah Horvath, right? Here are a few things I've learned, so far, about this year of life:
  1. The skin creams you just started using will pay off - people will compliment your nice complexion! And then note that your twenty-six-year-old sister's complexion is better.
  2. People discuss poop. With concern. Don't giggle.
  3. College students will begin to think that you are a "mam".
  4. Middle-aged ladies working in department stores will treat you as if you have enough money to purchase the pricey watches you ask to try on instead of rolling their eyes. This is kind of cool and kind of a bummer.
  5. The other 30-somethings around you who seem to have everything together are faking it at least part of the time.
  6. Everything in this video is true: