The Digital Quilt Project: Participation Form

Email Address (required to receive your digital print) 

Enter the word or phrase you would like to have illustrated.*

*Profanity will not be accepted as part of the project. Whitfield Awesome reserves the right to reject any submission.

You will be asked to enter a spam code. You must enter this code so that I know you are not a robot. Upon successful submission, you will be directed to the Whitfield Awesome blog home.

Remember, upon receipt of your word/phrase, I will:
  • illustrate your word/phrase,
  • add the illustration to my digital quilt,
  • send you a high res copy of your word/phrase + illustration, AND
  • should I choose to put the illustration in my Etsy shop, I'll name it after you.
Illustrations will be created in the order that words/phrases are received. You may submit more than one word or phrase, however, if I have a high participation rate, folks who have not received an illustration will come before repeat participants.

Keep up with the quilt progress here.

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