Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 107 Fortune Cookies Project

Do you know how much it costs to fly from Florida to Japan? About 107 Whitfield Awesome rap fortune cookie prints, that's how much.

I have to get to Japan soon to visit with THE Kacey from Kacey's Kitchen and Where in the World is Kacey (currently in Japan). It's a must. For me and Japan. They ain't never seen two white girls go through so much food - it'll be fun all around. 

I have decided to take the most sensible route for saving travel dolla dolla bills, y'all. Rap lyric fortune cookie prints in my Etsy shop. It's the "That's a Rap" series. See what I did there? At $14/pop, it'll take roughly 107 prints to get me to Japan. I'll be debuting the prints here as I go. Let's start with the basics: The Cool Kids, M.I.A. and Tone Loc.

Baby; ya jingling.

Looking in the rear view swagger going swell.

 Put a little Medina in your glass & the girls'll come real quick.

Do you have any tips for travel savings? (Like how to not buy things in Target.)

All this talk about fortune cookies make you hungry? Head over to my other blog, Turning Mediterranean, for a Watermelon Gazpacho recipe!


  1. It's been over a week, do you have the funds yet?

    1. No funds :(. Some views and a favorite, but no purchases. I'll be adding a lot more this weekend. Maybe I just haven't posted the right lyrics yet.?. That is what I'm telling myself anyway.