Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feeling 32

I've been 32 for exactly one month and I'm pretty boss at it. Boss means fumbly with the unfortunate fashion sense of Hannah Horvath, right? Here are a few things I've learned, so far, about this year of life:
  1. The skin creams you just started using will pay off - people will compliment your nice complexion! And then note that your twenty-six-year-old sister's complexion is better.
  2. People discuss poop. With concern. Don't giggle.
  3. College students will begin to think that you are a "mam".
  4. Middle-aged ladies working in department stores will treat you as if you have enough money to purchase the pricey watches you ask to try on instead of rolling their eyes. This is kind of cool and kind of a bummer.
  5. The other 30-somethings around you who seem to have everything together are faking it at least part of the time.
  6. Everything in this video is true: