Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nothing in Particular (Cept the Zombie Methocalypse, Girl)

You know how one or two things in life that you aren't particularly happy with can sometimes overshadow everything else? I'm in that place right now. That not particularly happy place. Which isn't particularly intelligent considering that I do have some particularly good things going. I can be particularly stupid sometimes. 

That ^^ is why I've been sporadic with the ole blog lately. Lame. I know. I have all these things I want to be writing about and illustrating and reading and creating. Instead, I have been watching a lot of television on DVD. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Girls. None of these shows are particularly happy either. Maybe that's part of my problem. Maybe I need to lighten up. Maybe I just need to put my big girl panties on. Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder. Yes. That has to be it. Because nothing is ever just my fault. 

Who's with me on this mashup*? Would Hannah not have the ugliest, most ill-fitting gas mask ever?!?

*BDG Spoiler alert! In season one, Walter will kill absolutely everyone except Jesse, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie, just before a zombie eats him. Glenn and Maggie will busy themselves repopulating the earth with gorgeous little half-asian/half-white children while Jesse and Daryl cook a special meth that kills zombies until I wander in, playing myself, and we end up in a crazy love triangle. At some point Shoshanna walks out of the woods, having survived Walter's murder attempt with an eyes, feet, groin! maneuver and promptly gotten lost. I will consider killing her but ultimately decide to take her under my wing because I feel like she might actually be pretty cool if I teach her to be less annoying. 


  1. Replies
    1. Excellent. I'm sure it'll be cancelled during the first season. And then I'll be even more convinced that I'm the female version of Joss Whedon. Delusion, thou art beautiful.

  2. I blame January and getting older. Is that a legitimate excuse, I don't know, but I feel the same way, and I feel like I shouldn't, so it's this viscous cycle of emotions.

    Sometimes when I feel this way, I loudly say, "OOOOOHHHHH WOOOOEEEE ISSSS KAAAAACEEEEYYYYYY". When I first started this, Aaron would roll his eyes...now he repeats me with an even better "OOOOOOHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOEEEEE ISSSSSSSS KAAAAAACEEEEYYYYYY".

    Whining helps, even just for a moment.

    1. Totes legit. I think I'll try a hardy "OOOOOHHHHH WOOOOOOEEEEE IIISSSSS JEEENNNN" later. I'd do it right now but I feel like I should be wearing sequins.