Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best of 2012

I’m pretty sure that if I don’t do a best of post, my blogger card will be revoked. This would normally make me feel both vain and lame, however, I just took a magic Indian diseased blanket dust bath (review coming soon) and it sucked all those toxic feelings right out of me. So. Without much ado about nothing…

Most Awesome Illustration of a Crab

Most Viewed
ThingsI’m Afraid To Tell You
Inspired by this post by Jess at Makeunder My Life, Ez at Creature Comforts challenged the blogging community: write a Things I'm Afraid To Tell You post. So I did.

Most Comments
Oh snap! 1/2 Blogiversary Giveaway

I know why this post has the most comments. I'm going to pretend it's because you like me anyway. 

The One With the Most Eggs
The Worst Egg Hunt Ever...
Zooey Deschanel convinces me that I will never have babies. And looks like a woodland creature. Obvy.

Open Letter Most Likely to Receive a Response From the More-Famous-Than-Me Blogger It Was Directed To (And it did!)
Open Letter to DJ Paris in Which I Quote Too Many Rap Lyrics
Pretty much the worst internet feud since that one between Kim Kardashian and everyone who isn't Kim Kardashian. Deej, once he realized that we should be b.f.f.s, agreed somewhere in his comments section to feud. Then I lost interest, as I am wont to do when things take effort and don't include food. (P.S. Spell check thinks you want to say "guardianship" when you type "Kardashian". Those are words no one gets confused, spell check.)

Most Likely to Embarrass My Sister
Dating a beef steak, ah yeah!

I dated a steak. I did it for all the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me. Sort of. Mostly I did it because I needed a stupid good prompt and I like proving myself right.

Most Amazing Photography
My two dads, Nathan Lane and Elijah Wood.
I discovered that I am the love child of Elijah Wood and Nathan Lane. The family photos are beautiful. 

Most Unlikely to Succeed As Well As It Did
Inspirational Words from Coworker X

Mini-posters of actual words spoken to me by my former co-workers. Actually one of my top viewed posts. Please feel free to print these babies and hang them in your work/living space for inspiration. Inspiration is supposed to be pretty similar to the rage virus, right?

Most Wrongester For This Blog
Thrift Score! or The wardrobe section of a homeless man's backpack.
This was an early Whitfield Awesome post. I was still confused about what the blog should be. I thought I wanted to do a DIY and fashion-y sort of thing but, even though I love those things, writing about them didn't come naturally. This post isn't very funny or very interesting. I didn't erase the early [bad] posts as they are an honest part of the growth process of a blog.

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