Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For Your Listening Pleasure...

Inspired by lovelies Bri Emery and Katie Evans of Design Love Fest, I put together a Spotify playlist of songs, Workin Girl (Not that Kind), that I listen to whilst being creative. Put it in your ears. It's good. A sort of an ampy yet mellow (what?) mash-up of things that don't necessarily go together. Basically me, in music form.

I like, nay, NEED, background noise while I'm doing pretty much everything. Sometimes it's music. Sometimes it's television. Do you listen while you work? Share your playlist...


  1. Thanks for the playlist! I don't 'work' or have a 'playlist', but I like having music on in the background of everything I do, especially cleaning and cooking. In fact, I'm listening to your playlist while watching NCIS and leaving this comment. Multitasking to the max!

    30 Rock Menu:

    1. +1 for multitasking! And I know you werk it, girl.

      (Love the 30 Rock Menu. I ate ham with bbq pulled pork on top and sides of stew and mac & cheese for lunch. I'm thinking baking chocolate and Velveeta for supper. Lemon would be proud.)