Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's not like we traded the computer for a dog. Oh wait.

When I was a young lass, we traded our family computer for a dalmatian. Don't worry - it was mom's idea. (Now I'm painting faux dalmatian wallpaper in my media room. That's what we call full circle, y'all.) 

The puppy was much cuter than the computer - a rolly polly little thing that my dad named Chief and my little brother became BFFs with. Chief grew up to be 90-ish pounds and a very talented sneezer. It was a good trade.

I'm thinking of bringing the barter system back into my life. You have fresh eggs? Well I somehow ended up with two copies of Rumble Fish. Let's trade! You grew extra cilantro? I bought The Joy Luck Club twice. Swapsies!

Seriously though, I have an amazingly talented group of friends. Cooks, designers, carpenters, photographers, sewing mavens, mechanics, gardeners... I could list and list and list. I don't know how to do some of the things they are great at, and vice versa. Obviously we help each other out from time to time, but I have in mind something with more intention. Effort. Organization. Probably a database situation.

As a bonus, we might accidentally get a bit of quality time with other humans during all the bartering. I mean, hearing news straight from the mouths of my friends before I read it on Facebook - can you imagine?!?

Do you barter? Tell me about it.

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