Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make you uncomfortable...

This post is part of the series "Blog Every Day in May".
Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable.

Wet socks.
Unattached hair.
Shredded Wheat.
Other people’s showers.
Waiting alone.
Talking about money.
Cooked fruit.
Meth teeth.
Sharing food.
“What are you thinking?”
New people.
Werewolf hands.
Waterpark bathrooms.

*This list not exhaustive. 

1 comment:

  1. My unsolicited opinions:

    Wet socks - Not the worst.
    Unattached hair - The worst, holy fuck, definitely the WORST!!!!
    Babies - I physically and mental gag at the word.
    Meetings - Being unemployed, I've gotta say, meetings aren't too bad for me. Otherwise, total doodle time, unless I'm presenting, and then someone usually takes over because my public speaking fear prevents me from doing anything but shake, drool, and studder.
    Swimsuits - Pretty bad. Seeing skinny girls in swimsuits is worse than being in one though.
    Shredded Wheat - Neutral. Have you tried Quaker Oats, now that's cereal!
    Other people’s showers - Oh God no...I once showered at a friends house that the tub was literally black, with 'clean' footprints from the mold being rubbed off where people stood. Not good at all. I didn't even know that was possible. Don't even ask about detached hair during that situation.
    Waiting alone - I always think I walked farther then I have. Much, much farther.
    Talking about money - Depends
    Cooked fruit - So, you don't appreciate a peach cobbler? That's a shame. Go get one at Meers in Oklahoma. It'll cure you.
    Meth teeth - AHHHHHHHHH...this is right up there with creepy dudes with coke nails.
    Sharing food - Aaron didn't share with me when we first got together. I cured him of that fast.
    “What are you thinking?” - Ugh. I instantly hate you if you ask me that.
    New people - For sure.
    Werewolf hands - and Bear backs
    Waterpark bathrooms - Nope. NOPE. Don't even go there. Nope.