Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slow your roll.


I used to think of time as a lumbering concept. Almost drowsy. I remember aching to be done with high school  and being afraid I would never watch my graduation cap drift back to earth with the 326 caps of my classmates. 

I enjoyed the next chapter of my life far more but it continued to move with the slowness of cold honey. I was mostly okay with this tenor but the familiar whens and how longs and will I evers crept in.

When I give thought to years now, I realize they have become more akin to class five rapids. And I think, ever so eloquently, "s^%t".* 

Six months or eight months or eleven years -eleven years- and I'm no closer to seeing my name on a book cover. Or being a mom. Or wearing a size 10. Or becoming the type of person who never leaves dishes in the sink. Hey time, plod for me, baby.

At the beginning of 2013, I resolved to live with intention. To be aware of the minutes of my life. To experience and remember. I'm not doing that. I didn't write about my intentions to be intentional because I knew that I wouldn't follow through, albeit unintentionally. 

I don't think I know how to be intentional. I do know how to very crudely and inaccurately illustrate the inside of a chicken. So I still win adulthood. Clearly.

Tell me, how do you slow your roll?

*Great Grandmother said a lady never uses the s-word unless she is referring to literal s-word. I'm nothing if not a lady.


  1. Just because you think you need to have x done by y in order to make it to z is overrated some of the most unconventional people are the most interesting.

    As for life -- It gets faster. Way, way faster.

    Leave the dishes in the sink -- burn your spanx and unplug all your tvs (i'm not kidding) and get your writing done.

    I mean how many "skinny moms on amazon I wrote an ebook" are there? Tons.

    Don't be "skinny mom on amazon I wrote an ebook". It's freakin' cliche, and you are definitely not that at all.

    Be yourself and be proud.

    People will love you regardless.

  2. And who says it can be arty, like you? Or published on line by you? I mean I don't want toot your horn (Florida has laws against unsolicited horn tooting) but I think your book is already done in your head. You just need to publish it like this (and it's a pretty freaking cool service -- hs literary magazine meets Interview meets lay this whole mag out like its paste up)

    Its better suited for tablets/HD monitors anywho and you aren't gonna chop down trees to have to publish it.

    Go crazy. I dare ya.

    1. "Lay this who mag out like it's paste-up, yup" is actually copyrighted (by me, of course) But if you want to put out a rap single and use it, I won't get up in your grill over it.

    2. I think I need to hire you to be my life coach. I pay in roasted chickpeas.

  3. Sorry, I need glasses. I got typos.

    "And who says it Can't be arty, like you?"


    "Lay this whole..."