Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week O' Ween: G-G-G-Ghost Hunting

Not Quite TAPS of Florida. We were all sore afraid. Except Chocolate Dream. He was pretty chill.

One of America's most haunted lighthouses, the Pensacola Lighthouse, is right in my backyard (plus a 45 minute drive). Even TAPS has spent a night there. I've been on ten or so ghost hunts at the lighthouse with the Ghost Seekers of Texas. I go on the hunts mostly because it's fun to roam a historic building in the dark with your friends, you learn a bit of history and the proceeds support the lighthouse museum. 

Do I believe in ghosts? I don't know. I believe in God and Jesus and the devil and demons. I don't believe dead people are walking the earth - if ghostly figures do exist, it's something else. I am also fascinated by the human brain. The way it works. The way it remembers things like how to type or play an instrument and moves your fingers so quickly. The way it can convince you that you are seeing or experiencing something that may not really be there. I used to want to be a brain scientist until I figured out that people who use the term "brain scientist" aren't smart enough to be whatever brain scientists are really called. 

On to the point of this post. I carry my own voice recorder on hunts because the GST are crap at posting evidence online (♥). I want my own recordings to listen to immediately. Plus it's funny to go back and listen to that moment when so-in-so was scared or the truly awful southern twang I sometimes get. The following recording is from November 27, 2009. My sister and I and a few friends went on a hunt at the lighthouse. There are a few things on the recording that we did not hear during the hunt:
  • There are a few spots in the beginning that sound like a whispered "help me". People were talking and moving around (annoying!) so I can't swear that this isn't someone fooling around. 
  • At 3 minutes, 17 seconds, I ask "are you attached to this couch" and hear a "no".
  • Around 6.5 minutes in, a few of us (me, my sister Sarah, Noelle and Choco-Dream), break off from the main group and go into another room....
  • At 7:15, a very distinct "they're back" and "shh" is heard (my sister and I had been at the lighthouse one month prior). The recorder was in my hand. We were getting settled at a table to one side of the room. No one was close enough to me to whisper into it. 
  • At 7:34, after the question "Do you like people being in the house?" a male voice, not that of Choc, says "yeah". 
Listen to the recording. Make of it what you will. Happy Halloween. Mwahahahaha.


  1. That was pretty cool. I will fully admit to believing that sometimes unexplained things happen (paranormal, supernatural, whatever) and I wish I could go on ghost hunts too!

    1. Do you live near any historic landmarks? Check with them about ghost hunts. Groups come to Pensacola and conduct hunts fairly often but they aren't well publicized, which is good and bad. Bad because you may not hear about it; good because the smaller the crowd on a hunt, the better!