Friday, February 1, 2013

I bring the party, if by party you mean DJ Paris in a tub...

Earlier tonight I posted this prediction of how my evening would go in response to a friend's declaration that I should be jealous of her as she was on a sister-date with my sister:
"Yeah, well, while you are on a not-my-actual-sister sister-date with my actual sister, I'm reading comic books at home alone and later I might talk to my ex about diets for an hour like I did last night and then I might look at all my other ex's new babies on Facebook and then maybe have a solo dance party because that's the closest I can get to exercise without having a Paul Rudd circa 'Wet Hot American Summer' fit. If anyone is gonna be jelly tonight, it ain't gonna be me. Unless of course you start talking about literal jelly cause that's probably what I'm going to eat for supper.* So there."
Boy was I wrong. My evening took a turn for the weirder when I made this:
Click it. Click it good. (It gets bigger! That's what he said.)

Why? Because Deej vlogged the cover art and title for his upcoming book. Originally, he planned for an illustration of himself blogging from a tub and the title "From the Tub". The artist he coordinated with ended up doing an illustration of Deej in a rose instead, with the title "Look it's D.J. Bathing in a Rose". don't know why. I don't get it at all. Watch it. If you get it, splain it to me.

We all know I'm kind of a douche so I set out to make my own version. (Please don't hate me rose lady - you're artwork is nice. It should be a poster. I live in Oregon and drive a Hummerzine if you want to slash my tires.) Anyway. Read his blog. Buy his book when it comes out. For now, validate my artwork. 

*Don't be sad for me. I didn't eat jelly for supper. I shotgunned dark chocolate chips straight from the bag. Apparently I dropped a couple as my leg looked like it had been smeared in poo when I stood. Yeah I was pants-less. So what?

Seacrest out. Actually Seacrest in. Sounds like he's gonna marry that hot chick from DWTS. Who knew?


  1. I love this so much. What's your email address?

    1. Thanks. Surely this is the beginning of a wildly successful "writers in bathtubs" series that will result in a quick rise to fame & fiery death in a meth* lab explosion.

      My email address is jenwhitfield81 at

      *Dear DEA, meth is what I call cheeseburgers so people won't give me that disapproving 'fat girl with a cheeseburger lab' head shake.