Sunday, January 29, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday

Five things I'm obsessed with RIGHT NOW:

1. Nail Polish Strips
They make me feel fancy. That's it.

2. Voice Recorder App
My best ideas come when I can't write them down. Like when I'm driving. Or about to fall asleep and abhor the idea of turning a lamp on. Only problem: my recorded voice sounds like that of a small child. This may have been cute in second grade when I was chosen from my school to read a Berenstain Bears book on the local radio channel. Not so cute now. (I have somehow managed to convince myself that my unrecorded voice does not sound the same way. Leave it alone.)

3. Bittersweet Orange Cookies
You want to go to here. Like super bad. This blogger's stories are hilarious and her cookies are amaz-za-zing. 

I'm so vain I probably think that song is about me. I absolutely know is about me. And I like it. Seriously though, it's a great hub for all your online social activities. 

5. Cute Tatts [like Emma's mixer tattoo]
 My tattoos aren't cute and that is kinda bumming me out right now. I currently have a small star on my left foot, paint dripping on my right shoulder, a semicolon on my mid-back and copyright 1981 on my rear. I need a happy toaster or a dancing bittersweet orange cookie or something. STAT. (P.S. Check out the Sometimes Sweet Tattoo Tuesday feature.)


  1. Is that a real picture of your thumb? Cause I have lots of coupons for those nail strip things and I'm afraid to buy them and have them look like crud. But that thumb is gnarly!

  2. Yep, that's my thumb. Target had that design on clearance for $2.50. Not bad compared to the usual price of $9.00. So if you find some on clearance and use a coupon, you can be all fancy nailed for next to nothing!

  3. Enid, Oklahoma + Target = 2 hour drive + 1 tank of gas = poop.

  4. Oh yeah - I'm sorry I reminded you of Target! I totally owe you a box of nail strips now.