Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister Saturday

I woke up this weekend in definite need of a Sister Saturday. This is what transpired. 

I love the look of layers. I also live in Florida. Que deceptive layering! Look winter warm in light airy pieces.
Dress & shirt: Target; cardigan: Belk; belt, tights & unseen cut-off leggings to minimize the delightful swish-swish of my thighs: Wal-Mart; shoes: Payless; necklace: Bealls Outlet. Everything: on clearance!

Over-due library book. And sister works at the library...yipes!
P.S. Organizing is something I desperately need help with in my personal life (I'm super organized at work). I never finished reading the book.

What's a Sister Saturday without pastries? We watched boats and chowed down on Milton donuts and gorgeous strawberry milk. Sorry Krispy Kreme, you got nothing on Milton Quality Bakery.

Antiquing! Sister found a crazy vintage lamb bank for me that matched one she had at home. I left the happy little bird, the neato lighthouse glasses, needlepoint art (unpictured) and a vintage horse lamp (unpictured) behind. It's killing me. I'll be back.

Oh, and we met the rest of the fam for lunch at new Nichols (actually Captain Pete's Oyster House).


  1. Totally jealous of sister Saturdays. I have to wait a few months to see my sister.

    As you know, I LOVE organizing (READ: Obsessive Compulsive) and just finished reading Organized Simplicity. It seemed a little basic, and found myself skipping through some sections, but depending on the person, it could be very helpful.

    There's also a few more I've downloaded on my Kindle but haven't gotten to yet:
    1) Absolutely Organize your Family
    2) The Greatest Book Of All Time: Personal Transformation Experience to Accomplish Everything on Your Bucket List, Create Your Legacy, & Have The Most Fun You've Ever Had in Any Year Of Your Life
    3)Organize for a Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life

    Oh, and I found all of those for free on Amazon (Okay, I found them through couponing blogs). And you totally don't even need a kindle. You could read it right on your computer!

    P.S. That red antique thing looks like a Triceratops. Please buy it for me if it is.

  2. I'll have to check those organizing books out. Thanks! I wish I could afford to fly you out and pay you to organize my entire house. I keep putting it off because it seems to big a task and it keeps getting worse and worse.

    Sorry, the red thing is just a dish. I'll keep an eye out for cool Triceratops' though.