Monday, February 18, 2013

Communication Breakdown: My Apologies to Mexico

Well, not really Mexico. Not everyone who speaks Spanish is from Mexico. Everyone who is me is sometimes a real jerk though. 

My little bro moved to Washington last Monday, five days prior to our dad's birthday. This happened:

You see, what had happened brother got a new phone number a while back. Apparently I had both his new number and his old number in my phone. I accidentally sent a couple photos to his old number and received the response "Hola quien eres". 

It did not register with me that I had the wrong number until after I sent "Bless you?" in return. No, really. Thankfully they didn't say anything else. Probably because they were busy telling their amigos about the puta on the other end of the textersation.

I was in the midst of Panang & Sushi Night with the fam so I mentioned what was transpiring on the ole tele. Due to a recent numbers mix-up, they knew that little bro's old number had transferred to a Spanish-speaking woman. NOW they tell me.

In case you (like some people writing this blog) aren't fluent in Spanish, "Hola quien eres" means "hello who are you" in English. 

I would argue a case for not expecting someone texting you in English to understand your response in another language but I have to write an apology letter to everyone who speaks Spanish and is not from Mexico. 


  1. GHAHAHAHA!!! As I Spanish teacher, I can say this is GREAT!! HAHA

    1. Thanks Holly! My Spanish teacher showed taped episodes of Jerry Springer during class. I couldn't understand that message but I was certain the sender was my baby daddy and I hit an innocent bystander with a chair. Larga vida a mi antiguo profesor!