Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nontraditional traditionalist. Or whatever.

Clora here is obviously a type 3 - must be impressive and attractive to survive.

Hello. My name is Jen. And I love personality tests. My coworkers and I all took this Enneagram test and will be discussing the results/how to work effectively as a team of humans later this week in a personality workshop.

The Enneagram divides human personality into nine behavioral tendencies. Ideally the results of the test reveal a main personality type that is quite dominant. I took the test three times, on three different days (which tells you a little something about my personality) and got the same results each time...two different types within two (2!) points of one another. Type 4 (individualism) just edges out type 1 (perfectionism).

Type 4 (The Eccentric) - must be unique to survive, romanticize differentness, edgy, creative/artistic, intuitive, authentic, nontraditional,  revolutionary, non-conformist, peculiar, abstract, alternative, experimental, complex, random, attracted to the mysterious,  prone to excess, intense, mystical 

Type 1 (The Dutiful Worker) - must be perfect to survive, obsessive compulsive, attention to detail, focused on the narrow, ethical, hard-working, orderly, traditional, prefers structure, disciplined, practical, cautious, logical, goal-oriented, success-driven, achiever, prefers routine

So basically, I don't make sense. Tell you something you don't already know, right?

Have you taken the test? If not, go to there. What's your type?

P.S. I'm also an INFJ.


  1. I tied with Type 1 and Type 6 (Security Focus). That's probably accurate. lol

  2. I expected to fall under the same types you did, but here's what I got:
    Type 6 (Security Focus) 68%, followed by Type 7 Adventurousness and Type 8 Aggressiveness

    My variant stacking is sx(sexual variant)/so (social variant)/sp (self preservation variant)

    My level of health is below average, i.e. unhealthy (uh oh)

    It also says I would benefit from working on my physical health and psychological health.

    Basically, I suck and I'm boring.

    1. Security, adventure & aggressiveness with a sexual variant...doesn't sound boring! (Though the security part does seem out of place.)

      My variant stacking was in the exact opposite order of yours. And I can benefit from self-discipline, paying less attention to my feelings and avoiding lengthy conversations in my imagination. I had a lengthy conversation with myself about these suggestions and we decided that we felt like recklessly not taking this advice.