Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Haaave you met...

Let me introduce you to some kids that you ain't used to. Yep we bet that we ride bikes carrying bones and jordan 5's. Got every single color so just in case you wonder, my parties is always live, as a mother is for supper and in the summer when it's hotter then the oven, we the coolest kids we know. So you know we into something that involve doing something with a trunk to get that bass drum pumping. It's my party, so get up. If you don't you getting jumped. (This is from The Cool Kids - Bassment Party but it totally applies. Especially the getting jumped par. Ya heard?)

These gals are on my sidebar this month and deserve your love...

Yours Truly
Get to know Chelsea, a proud Vancouverite on an adventure living in Auckland, New Zealand with her boyfriend. She also creates awesome blog designs and has amazing style. Check out one of my favorite posts about weekend vacationing.

Allena Mistral
Stop by and see Allena, a student/crafter with a passion for many different things. She blogs about things she loves and life outside of work and school. Check out one of my favorite posts from Allena's Motivation Monday. 

Where in the World is Kacey
Follow Kacey outside of Kacey's Kitchen. She is currently living in Oklahoma and planning to move overseas to Okinawa Japan with her husband and their cat. Check out one of my favorite posts in which Kacey shows you how easy it is to travel.

The Nerd's Wife
Don't miss Arena, who married a nerd! She has since learned lots of things about flanges, Star Wars and video games. Check out one of my favorite posts full of nerdy Father's Day gifts (some of which I want for myself).

Stuff I Love
Pay Cat a visit as she works to create an environment where her readers can foster relationships with one another and writes review, recipes, tutorials, scriptures, anecdotes and more! Check out one of my favorite posts in which Cat goes back to 1984.

Whatever is Lovely and Noble
Catch up with Stephanie, a newlywed and lover of Yeshua as she takes each day as it comes and learns what it means to be a disciple-maker first, a sister second and a wife third. Check out one of my favorite posts on happiness. 

And don't forget my 1/2 Blogiversary giveaway. Because everyone wants to be a winner.


  1. Love the colours on your blog :)

    Visiting via Wander Wednesdays :)


    1. Welcome! Gonna hop over to your blog now...

  2. Thanks for the shout out! You are totally Whitfield Awesome!