Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh snap! 1/2 Blogiversary Giveaway

Obsession Confession Sunday will be back next week. I just had to get this in your brain pan on the 1st day of July...

Have I mentioned how terrific I am at putting together random packages? It's my fourth greatest talent. In honor of my 1/2 Blogiversary and my love for you fine folks, I'm putting together a rand-o package full of wrapped surprises for one lucky reader. I will announce the winner on July 25 - the day that marks 6 months of Whitfield Awesome blogging.

It is very likely that the random package will include things like beauty products, accessories, art, stuff to read and/or weird vintage items. If a dude wins, I'll keep everything for myself send him a gift certificate and a picture of someone else's boobs and draw another winner who will most likely be a lady. 

Recent packages of randomness for making others feel awesome, yes.

How to Enter*

  1. Follow Whitfield Awesome through Google Reader, GFC, Bloglovin, HelloCotton, Blogger, etc. Leave a comment letting me know how you follow. 1 entry for every which way you follow.
  2. Follow @JenOsaurus on Twitter. Leave a comment with your twitter handle so I'll be sure to count you! 1 entry.
  3. Tweet about it. Each time you tweet something with my twitter handle @JenOsaurus and the phrase " Giveaway", you gain an entry. You may tweet this 5 times. Well, obviously you may tweet it 5 times per minute every minute that you are awake if you so choose. But you'll only receive 5 entries maximum. (You don't have to leave a comment telling me that you tweeted. Though you can if you want to.)
  4. Mention the Whitfield Awesome giveaway on your blog. Grab the button below and place it somewhere on your blog - in a post, on the sidebar, whatevs. Leave a comment with a link to your post/blog. You'll get 5 entries!
  5. Leave a comment on this post telling me 5 things about yourself. I'll be gathering items all month but will leave a little room to add a few things after the winner is announced. I will take the 5 things about the winner into account when adding the last few items to the package. You will receive 1 additional entry for this comment.
Update 7/3/12: You don't have to separate each entry into different comments. You are certainly welcome to if you so desire. The more comments, the more popular I look.

*Entries accepted through July 24, 2012. If you unfollow after the giveaway, I won't hunt you down and take the prize back. But I will get revenge. Someday. Somehow. When you least expect it.

P.S. Yes! Readers outside the USA are eligible. You kids are so worth a little extra shipping cost.


  1. I follow you with google reader!

  2. And Hello Cotton. Yeesh! I can't get away from you! =P

  3. And Twitter.... Are you going to ask me to do something I don't already do? You should just give me the prize! haha =]

  4. Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeted!

  5. 5 Things about myself...
    1) I'm awesome
    2) I like color (see my blog)
    3) I love coffee
    4) I like reading
    5) I like useful things!

    1. I follow you multiple ways too (total non-creepy multiple ways) so I feel like I know you. The internet is a weird place.

  6. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  7. Your giveaway button is now rockin on my sidebar:

  8. 5 things:
    I'm a ballerina.
    I love coral and teal.
    I love office supplies.
    I like to sing and dance anywhere, anytime.
    I love to read and wish I had more time to do so.

    1. A ballerina?!? That's so cool. I want to add "followed by ballerinas" to all my buttons now.

  9. I follow you via GFC (Google Reader) :)

  10. I also follow you on Twitter! @chelseaoliviaxo

  11. Five things about myself!

    1) I love anything makeup/hair
    2) I am shopping obsessed
    3) I am a crazy cat lady
    4) LOVE coffee. Or any fancy coffee drink. Yum
    5) Coral and turquoise are my favorite colors

    1. Are we the same person? (#4 has to be McDonald's iced coffee for me.)

  12. five things about myself...
    I love owls
    I like tape
    I have a two year old boy
    I like painting
    I've been crocheting since I was seven

    1. You had me at "I like tape".

      (Note to self: learn how to frickin' crochet.)

  13. just tweeted

  14. I have you in my google reader. :D

  15. I follow you on twitter with @jessiewhittle

  16. I follow you, duh.o through my google reader

  17. And email.....
    ....and in person (just kidding......creeper)

  18. I also tweeted about this crappy giveaway

  19. Five things about me...
    1. I have four cats and two dogs.
    2. Thankfully I'm married (or number one would be really bad).
    3. I recently began eating almost entirely organic and "real food" but I will always make exceptions for pizza and Chick-fil-A.
    4. I grew up in Florida but hate going to the beach.
    5. I feel totally awkward listing five things about myself here. ;)

    1. This blog is all about awkward, so #5 means you fit right in.

  20. And I tweeted it. Are we supposed to leave a comment saying we did that, or is the act of tweeting an entry? Either way, here it is!

    1. You don't have to comment about the tweets...I'm keeping track. :)

  21. Five things about me (that you may or may not know):
    1. There is part of me that loves my inner and outer fatty.
    2. I could eat cheeseburgers everyday, but I usually lie when people around me say "I really need a salad"...I'll go along with them even though all I want is another burger.
    3. I want a welsh corgi so bad it hurts.
    4. My best friend is my sister, and I miss her living so far away.
    5. I hate weird eyeballs, the freak me out. Examples: on dolls (doll collections are the worst), tattoos (especially when there is only a single eye, not on a portrait).

    1. I didn't know about the eyeballs, but I agree on doll collections. Bleh. And I knew about the cheeseburgers but not about the going along with salad part. Salads are almost as bad as doll collections.

  22. I follow on google friend connect

  23. You know I am all over your internets and have the same cyber knowing people aversion that you discuss. On your GFC, @amariebeauty and how about 5 things...
    1. Been eating Avocado like its my job latetly.
    2. The show Hoarders makes my palms sweat but I keep watching.
    3. I am an irrational overthinker.
    4. I made fun of leggings for a long time, then I got a pair and rarely keep jeans on.
    5. I love 70's fashion.

  24. Follow you on Twitter, Tweeted, Follow you through Google Reader.
    I had to dig pretty deep to think of things I haven't blogged or tweeted.

    1. I recently started praying for changes in life and ended up applying for college for the third time. This time I may actually go.

    2. I'm totally jealous of all the awesome roller derby chicks in Pensacola/Milton now. But esteem and anxiety issues keep me from even attempting.

    3. I no longer want to be famous, rich or notorious. I just want to be happy. This was my first year of therapy revelation last week.

    4. I'm in love with a guy that will never love me back.

    5. I wish my company would have let us off work tomorrow instead of yesterday. Second Monday has me all screwed up.

    1. You should try roller derby. I made a go of it for a while and I am most definitely the world's worst skater. I actually found that it helped with esteem and anxiety issues.

  25. Found you via GFC blog hop and now Im a GFC follower! Loving your blog, thanks for the laughs! :)

  26. Aaand now I also follow you on Twitter. And the fact that your twitter handle is JenOsaurus is just plain awesome. I can be found at the much less exciting handle @anna_bilyeu :)

  27. I follow via gfc and bloglovin'.
    1. I secretly want o be asian, those girls can get away with <3ing hello kitty as much as I do!
    2. I'm a crafty girl as long as I can finish the project in less than a day (otherwise it never gets done)
    3. My boss just told me I have less than a week for a project she should've told me about a couple of weeks ago. ><
    4. I actually prefer salads to junk food, much to the annoyance of my co-workers (possibly I send them on a guilt trip when they come into the breakroom with del taco and see my home-packed salad and hummus with pita bread?)
    5. My favorite color combo is coral and mint.

    1. With you on #2. I have lots of good intentions but want everything to take 5 minutes or less to complete.

  28. 5 things about myself:

    1. This is the first day in about a month where I'm not wearing nail polish. It feels weird.
    2. I love 80s/90s music.
    3. Men in uniform are my favorite things ever.
    4. I should be working right now, but I'm not.
    5. I'm trying to lose weight, but sometimes I really just want a popsicle.

  29. Happy 1/2 Blogiversary!
    GFC: Throuthehaze

  30. 1. My favorite color is eggplant purple
    2. I love owls :)
    3. I read A LOT
    4. I want to learn to crochet but I just can't figure out the directions.
    5. Fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for this hot and humid summer to end.

    1. I'm with you on everything except number 5. I looooove the heat!

  31. 5 things about me:
    i love bright colors
    i love simple and practical
    i love reading books that take me to another world
    i love letters
    spring and summer are my favorite seasons (well i guess i just love being outside)

    1. I love all 5 of your 5 things!

  32. 5 things about moi:

    1. I'm 27 and Taco Bell is still my favorite restaurant, as it has been since age 10.
    2. I love to read. A good book often causes me to become antisocial until I finish.
    3. I love the color green. Especially neon green. It's so obnoxious, I just can't help it.
    4. I recently discovered Tervis tumblers and now I hate to drink out of anything else.
    5. I really enjoy browsing stores like Ikea and The Container Store to make grand plans for organizing and decorating my home. Said plans rarely (if ever) actually happen.