Monday, July 9, 2012

Kreativ (no, really)

I got a blogger award, y'all. It's no Oscar, but it's still pretty cool for someone doing the thing you do to say "hey, I like how you do it too". So I accept.

We all know that along with great power comes great responsibility. My responsibilities with this award include:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer 7 questions about yourself.
  3. Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
  4. Hand the award to 7 deserving others.
Bev over at Black Ink Paperie bestowed this award upon me. Thanks, Bev! 

I answered the 7 questions in a video that might also include a staring contest and songs from my dining room floor:

10 Random Factoids about myself: 
  1. I rarely wear pants at home.
  2. I once cried over onions on a cheeseburger. (Rough day.)
  3. I enjoy the Steve Harvey morning show.
  4. I play the flute.
  5. I would really like for Tom Hardy to carry me around in a papoose.
  6. I eat a lot of Slim Jims.
  7. I love that Aziz Ansari kayaking commercial way too much.
  8. I have a reoccurring bruise on my ankle. 
  9. I like to wait a few minutes before turning on the AC when I get into a really hot car.
  10. I sorta have a thing for presidential serve-ware. 
And now for the hardest part...hand the award to 7 deserving others. It's hard to narrow it down because I am a big fan of so many bloggers. The gals in the following list have great blogs plus they are super nice.
  1. Kacey of Kacey's Kitchen and Where In The World Is Kacey 
  2. Erin of Eef Etc and Indie Gift Box 
  3. Angie at AmarieBeauty
  4. Chelsea from Yours Truly
  5. Chris over at Chubbette Tales
  6. Rosie at Craftbotic
  7. Colleen from Paisley Boulevard
Tell me about your favorite blogs. I'll check 'em out.

Bonus!  I did a little digging and found that a blogger in Norway created this award way back in 2008. 


  1. Congratulations! You totally deserve it. This blog is hilarious!

  2. You're the best... Thank you! We were meant to be friends... I rarely wear pants at home too. It's my house, I can walk around in underwear if I want!

  3. Thank you so, so, so, so, so much! I love it and will be participating as soon as I am back from vacation, which I leave for in about an hour and am still manically writing blog posts for....ahhhhh


    Rosie x

    1. Enjoy your vacay! I'm super jealous.

  4. i think you're lovely. great post

    1. Why thank you! You are lovely too (and uproariously funny).

  5. You know I love ya! Whitfield Awesome deserves awards for sure.

    1. Seriously. How is my mantle not full of trophies? :)

  6. Thanks Jen!!!!! I can't wait to go home and figure out my post on this. Not sure if I deserve a Creative Blogger Award...but I suppose that's why I won the Kreativ Award instead. Either way, I like winning stuff that isn't cat puke in my shoe.

    Oh! And I really like your video, you can tell you're getting more comfortable with the camera in each segment, keep it up!

  7. So I'm finally getting around to working on this and I just watched your video again. Definitely my favorite so far!