Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Touché Tuesday Advice Column: Cat Lady

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Dear Jen, My vet recommended giving my cat regular baths for medical reasons. My usually sweet and cuddly fur baby turns into a ball of claws and teeth every time. Do you have any tips for making bath time easier on both of us? My bleeding arms thank you!

xoxo, Shredded, Milton

Dear Shredded,
I think your vet hates you. Did you go to high school together? Maybe bat your eyes at her boyfriend? 

Have you considered Xanax? How about oven mitts? Bubble wrap? Double-sided tape? A dog?

I'm assuming the medical reasons have to do with a skin condition if baths were suggested. If this is the case, perhaps you can try a cat lotion. DERMagic makes one that relieves skin allergies, dry skin, etc.

Is it actual submersion in water you're seeking or does kitty just need a little help cleaning? If it's the latter, try cat wipes. I use them once in a while with Pip. No, she doesn't run to me with the package of wipes in her mouth begging for a rub down but she doesn't hate them either. I've also seen dry/waterless shampoos for cats. Or maybe a sponge bath will do.

If you must give the cat a bath, play with kitty for a while to tire him/her out a bit and make sure kitty's nails are trimmed. Put a rubber mat in the tub for kitty to claw when stressed and run the water before bringing the cat into the room. Pre-fill a few small buckets for rinsing. You may still want to wear welder's gloves.

I have to tell you that I don't trust vets after an experience I call "Pippi's $1,000 Fart". I don't know what your relationship with your vet is, but I would do a lot of research on the medical condition your cat may have and whether regular baths are proven to help. I might even call other vets and ask their opinion.

♥ Jen

The music is pretty annoying but some of the cats are entertaining:

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  1. Awesome cute water kitties btw !!


    1. I love the hairless pawing at the water!

  2. Somehow that entire kitten filled convo has left me disturbed. hahaha, Can't we go back to kissing cousins question.

    1. It's weird when I try to give actual advice, right? Hopefully more kissing cousins will need advice and fill out the form. They seem to be a little internet shy.

  3. Why is odd to watch a cat in water? It's odd. Is it odd?

    1. I thought Pip was odd because she begs me to turn on the sink for her to play in a small stream of water. Then I saw these cats. They are def odd.

  4. I've watched this video too many times since you've posted it....