Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

It's my 1/2 Blogiversary, y'all! When I started this blog 6 months ago, I wanted to be a combination of Elsie Larson and Zooey Deschanel. I wanted to be cute and quirky and post DIYs and thrifting adventures. I muddled through a few of these sorts of posts and quickly realized that my strength lies in snark. I'm more Bloggess than Beautiful Mess. Except without the cussing and dead animals. Or book contracts.

To those of you who stuck around through the awkward finding my "blog voice" months: thank you. To those of you who started reading more recently: don't bother going through the early archives. To those of you who are only here because you entered the giveaway and have no plans to ever read this blog again: I ain't mad at ya.

Now. It's time to announce the 1/2 Blogiversary Giveaway winner! I'm feeling generous, so I decided to turn one winner into five winners! It's getting crazy up in this blog. I assigned each entrant a random number for each entry they earned. Then I feel in love with that sentence and we ran away together. Then I used to choose:

Grand Prize: Basket of Random Awesomeness Winner (1st # chosen) - Kacey
2nd Prize: two 8x10 surprise* WA prints (25th # chosen) - Anna
3rd Prize: one 8x10 and one 5x7 surprise* WA print (1st chosen 5x) - Erin
4th Prize: one 8x10 surprise* WA print (1st chosen 25x) - Kristin
5th Prize: one 5x7 surprise* WA print (1st chosen 3x in a row) - Chelsea

*I will choose the surprise prints based on your 5 likes (if you gave them) and your blog (if you have one). Might be something from my shop, might be something brand's a surprise!

I'll be in touch with each of you for mailing addresses.


  1. Basically this means I'm the most awesome person in the world. No Bigs.

  2. Anna... As in ME?! Please please say "yes" :)

    1. Yep! I sent an email to the gmail address associated with your blogger acct to get your mailing address. :)

  3. Woo hoo! I just replied... That 'lil bugger snuck into my SPAM mailbox. This is so exciting! I haven't won anything since second grade when I got a pizza party for my class after answering Women's History Month trivia questions... Which would also be a great idea for your next giveaway :)