Monday, August 13, 2012

Dude, Where's My Ex-Boyfriend? Also, devil book.

Last night, not long before the hours when nothing good happens, my most recent ex-boyfriend texted me. We had our first textersation (or communication of any kind) since the breakup (3+ months ago). We made jokes. We made serious comments. Then we made plans for lunch today. He volunteered to let me dump beverages on him and take photos for the blog, which I'm totally gonna do I won't do because I'm crazy mature.

As I was getting in the car to head to work this morning, I noticed a fortune in front of the driver's seat. I always never ever eat Chinese food while driving so I couldn't imagine where it came from. It, the random fortune I found in my car on the day that I am going to see my most recent ex-boyfriend for the first time since we ended, read "Be sensitive, but not overly sensitive." I've truly never seen this fortune before. It just showed up this morning all applicable and junk. 

My car isn't made of marble.

I do not believe in fortunes or psychics or any of that jazz. In fact, I like to prove them wrong. "Oh yeah? I'll be lucky in love on the 15th? Well it's the 15th, I just hit on that cute guy in the free clinic and he stabbed me in the appendix. How do you like them apples Gloria VanderbiltMrs. Cleo? Worth it." But this little fortune seems to be offering some pretty good advice. And freaking me out a little, of course. (Though not like the time that devil book told me my ideal career was in web design, which I was already making a career in.)

I'll keep you posted on how I manage to embarrass myself during lunch and whether or not I follow the advice of the mysterious fortune. (If I learned one thing from Twilight fine literature, it's that romantic intrigue hooks readers. Um, check.)

*Glorida Vanderbilt makes tapered leg jeans. She is not a psychic. Her name just rolls off the tongue so nicely behind "how do you like them apples".


  1. Well...I was really hoping for beverage spilling aftermath photos, but I suppose that wouldn't be the nicest thing. Then again....neither is breaking up with WA. Hmm....

    1. Hmm indeed. I can always change my mind.

  2. Nice! Too funny! Can't wait to hear how it goes!