Friday, August 3, 2012

Featurette Friday: Next Time on Project Runway

Today was a sad day for Browncoats. Or at least the ones that follow The Bloggess. Or at least me. Even sadder than the moment I admitted to myself that Castle kind of sucks. Nathan Fillion refused to hold twine. (Don't know what that means? Read this.) In response, I not only held twine, I made a shirt out of it. But I probably have a lot of time on my hands, not being famous and all. 

I understand the point Mal Capitan Hammer the super serious about his craft actor, Nathan Fillion was trying to make. But. He should have said it a little differently. It should have been less "I'm an ACTOR"-y. It shouldn't have started with "sigh". And the gardener should have been left out of it. I would have preferred no response. Then I could continue to pretend that he hadn't noticed all the calls for a twine photo. He does have 1.3+ million Twitter followers after all. I could remain convinced that he was a cool guy with a great sense of humor and would totally hold twine. Thanks a lot ugly truth.

Wouldn't it be great if Project Runway did a twine challenge and invited The Bloggess and Nathan Fillion as guest judges? The only acceptable answer here is yes. I think it'd go a little something like this:

(This video also stars Sofia Vergara, the scarf, made by reader Veronika O.'s aunt!)

In related observations, it seems to all trickle down. Nathan Fillion ignores The Bloggess. The Bloggess ignores me. (Except when I have a dead weasel for her.) Zero response to twine shirt. I may still be sore about the girl with mascara on her face. Maybe one day I'll be famous enough to ignore someone. Should that day come, and you are still reading, call me out. Don't let me get away with that ish.


  1. What the French. Lol, you're too much.

  2. ok...I can't see cause I laughed too hard!!! Buttons! sob....oh, oh, oh, oh! Where u get that crazzzy scarf girl!

  3. This is the hardest I have laughed all week!