Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Touché Tuesday Advice Column: Foodies!

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Dear Jen,
I've recently moved and have officially been homeless for the past few weeks and have practically been eating out for every meal. I've finally signed a lease and now I finally get to cook a real meal!

My question for you is, if you ate out for a month straight, and finally had the opportunity to cook, what would you make?

All the Best, Homecookin' Betty

Dear Betty,
I tend to start feeling a little greasy when I eat out too much. Or don't wash my hair. Which of course I'd never not do. So I think I'd want something really clean/fresh tasting. Salad! 

Okay, no one believes that I want salad. Salad is just something people who don't like food say. Maybe a flaky white fish with a lime sauce. And cheese grits. And raw spinach. And sliced tomatoes (alone, not with the spinach - that's salad, which we have already determined is dumb). And red velvet cake. Also, my new favorite thing is tomato butter. You should probably work that in somewhere in your first days back in the kitchen. 

Dear Jen,
I can't stop eating cheese. Can you help?
Full but need another slice, Cheeserston

Dear Cheeser,
Maybe adding maggots or stuffing it inside the stomach of a goat would help. Like these folks...


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  1. There is never too much cheese. I can' t watch the video...if i see maggots, i'll never eat cheese again!