Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrift Score! or The wardrobe section of a homeless man's backpack.

I went thrifting today. This is what happened...

First stop, a thrift store I had not visited since high school something-teen years ago when I dressed like a homeless man. Not that thrift stores only sell stereotypical bum clothes - I just enjoyed looking like I had shopped in the wardrobe section of a homeless man's backpack. I digress. I was shocked at the prices. Shocked! $22 for a crappy old frame? $235 for a beat-up dresser? I'm fairly certain I spotted a dust bunny that was out of my price range. But. I did manage to find two items. A $4 Hawaii-esque painting on VELVET and a $2 wood frame that you will see again soon all painted up and holding a Jen original. 

I took a thrifting break to run in Publix and stock up on prickly pears. A bratty looking dance team was standing outside raising money to perform in Disney World. My heart went out to them. How hard it must be to dance locally when all you want to do is dance at Disney. One of them told me to have a spontaneous day. How exactly am I supposed to have a spontaneous day when you've just instructed me to do so. Now any possible spontaneity will feel contrived. My donation: Vocabulary for Dummies. I don't want the little darling to end up on a pole in a few years. I think I should become an ambassador.

Then I moved on to the Copper Possum, a local antique store that I adore. I found the most delightful "taxidermied weasel on wood". Naturally I tweeted The Bloggess about it. Naturally she bought it via telephone. How do you like them apples Tiny Dancer? I AM having a spontaneous day!

I found a few items for myself too. A mean horse lamp (the lamp is always on in the store - the half burnt up bulb was sold separately - do you believe that!). An ET glass circa 1982. (Jen fact: I watch ET every Christmas.) A couple milk glass vases that I plan to do this with. A birdhouse built by a local craftsman (only $5!). And a sweet little bird planter that looks like the sleepy stepchild of a ceramic bird with blingy eyes that my mom has. I hope that my mom lives longer than I do. In the event that she does not, dibs on that bird. 

The sweet lady [who I had just convinced to sell a dried up weasel over telephone] at the register boxed my items in a booze box, as per usual. Why do antique stores only use booze boxes? I know the neighborhood kids tell their mommy's that the weird lady with the 8ft copper snail in her yard just hauled in another box of hooch.

Finally, while I was writing this post, my first ever ModCloth delivery arrived. I think there are two pretty obvious reasons I won't be wearing this dress to church or work as I had originally planned. Cat sold separately. 


  1. Love that dress on you! I love that your cat is all up in your stuff like "Oh mom, is that a new dress? Cause I totally need to accessorize you with my multi colored shedding fur. If your lucky, I'll hack up a hair ball on it too!"

  2. That dress is frickin amazing. I haven't been in the CP for quite awhile, I'll need to go scavenge now that you've inspired me.

    1. You must go! It's full of great stuff. Missing a dead weasel, but still full of great stuff.