Friday, March 23, 2012

Foto Friday: Sweet Hoot Before & After

Part 1: Something Sweet
Laura over at Our Reflection hosts a weekly photo challenge. This week's challenge: Something Sweet. I am entering this sweet little owl that I met last summer (on my 30th birthday).  [Update: So almost all the other photos so far are of cute babies. This seems very appropriate. Hi, my name is Jen and I enter owls into cute baby contests. Also, what up girl with the Oreos. We should be besties.]


Pssst. You should enter the challenge too. You might win stuff!

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

Part 2: Before and After

Sometimes your background is full of no-smoking signs and Purrell. Fix it.


  1. Did you come out of an owl's mouth? Cause you are a hoot!

  2. wow, I need photoshop lessons from you (except I run Linux and can't use photoshop - but still). Gorgeous owl!

  3. I entered a fur baby in the cute baby contest lol
    owls, you're my kinda girl!!!!

  4. Great editing!