Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Touché Tuesdays Advice Column

It's that time again...time to answer questions from/give advice to my faithful readers. Need advice? Fill out this form.

Dear Jen, I will be starting a new job soon. I’m kinda shy – do you have any tips for fitting in?
All the best, New Kid

Dear New Kid, Congrats on your new job! Here is a list of things I would appreciate in a new co-worker.
1. Don’t eat tuna in the office.
2. Do share baked goods.
3. Don’t sigh on the toilet when you aren’t alone in the bathroom.
4. Do spare a square.
5. Don’t be prettier than me.
6. Do wear orthopedic shoes if you are prettier than me.
7. Don’t chime in on office gossip.
8. Do use Twitter to post funny things that happen on the job (in a super vague sort of way).
♥ Jen

Dear Jen, You mentioned Zooey Dechanel in one of your previous Touche's. I totally have a girl crush on her (totally want her hair), which makes me wonder, do you have a celebrity girl crush? Do you have a celebrity boy crush?

Also, did you realize that the other bird in your spirit animal video has similar stripes as you do in your photo?
XOXO, Crushing

Dear Crushing, Zooey does have glorious hair. I have found myself celebrity girl crushing on her a bit too. Of course celebrity girl crushes have come and gone – Claire Danes circa My So-Called Life, Drew Barrymore at various rebellious and/or free spirited stages of my life – but the celebrity girl crush that remains the most constant has to be Tina Fey. When she is in a movie, I must see it. When she writes a book, I must read it. And of course 30 Rock is on my must watch line-up.

As far as celebrity boy crushes go…in the OMG, he’s like totes hott category, it’s a tie between Matthew Gray Gubler (though I must admit it’s probably just his Criminal Minds character that I find hott) and Robert Downey Jr. In the celebrity boy crush because I love his work category, it’s Joss Whedon all the way. I watch/listen to/read everything he does. Even if I find it a bit hokey, I will defend it to the grave. Which he should totally write a comic about. Starring me.

And no, I didn’t notice that the other bird in my spirit animal video has similar stripes as I do in my photo. You are very observant! I, on the other hand, would probably take a few days to notice a cow in my living room.
♥ Jen
See what I did there? Joss. Avenger. Get it? Huh? Do ya?

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