Thursday, March 15, 2012

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Froyo

Boyfriend and I can not stop eating frozen yogurt. During a recent post-
High Fidelity froyo trip, boyfriend had a superb idea: Top 5 Worst Frozen Yogurt Flavors.

Waffle House Bathroom is just a suicide of all the other flavors. Am I right? Burn.


  1. I've been wondering, where do you guys get Froyo down there? I don't remember any place nearby.

    We have a Cherry Berry, which is like the cousin to Pink Berry, except that you GET TO ADD EVERYTHING YOURSELF!!!

    It's dangerous because my little cup usually comes out to $10...but I want to TASTE IT ALL.

    I don't go there enough, but its probably for the best.

  2. We've had a Froyo explosion down here! There is a new shop in Pace called Sweet Frog that I really like. One in Pensacola near Cordova Mall called 32 Degrees that is great (apparently it has been there for a while but we just noticed it). Another little stand inside the mall with not a lot of flavor variety. And another in Pensacola near Innerlight Surf & Sport called Berry Yogurt that is okayish.

    They are all of the add everything yourself variety, which I love! I make myself keep my cup under $5 and add no toppings (I just don't like toppings on it). It's better for you than ice cream and other desserts - I figure as long as I don't eat too much, I can keep going back. Plus I like Froyo way better than ice cream.