Monday, March 19, 2012

The Living Life Part: Spring Clean Yo'Self

Colleen of PaisleyBoulevard and Laura of Our Reflection will be hosting a link up this Wednesday. Post on your blog about personal goal(s) for Spring and join the party!

My spring goals…
1. Finally get my flipping etsy store up and running [and enhance my blog]. My feet? They’re dragging. Someday I want to do things like not work for the man, live off my creativity and say “my book comes out next week” and “opening night of my gallery showing went really well”. I can’t do these things if I don’t take action.

2. Feel good. Physically. As I have now posted about several times, boyfriend and I are working on our fitness and making healthy food choices. I’d like to drop a few pounds but most of all, I want to feel good. I want my body to be its best – no matter what size its best may be.  

3. Get organized. I want my home to be neat and orderly. Every. Day. I want to know where everything is. Every. Day. I want to not see dishes in the sink when I get home from work. Ever. Again.

So go! Post about your spring goals. Also, watch these chickens eat yogurt. 

chickens eating yogurt from jenny mitchell on Vimeo.


  1. Etsy link please!
    Yogurt eating chickens, what more will they come up with.

    P.S. Did you see the link to the guinnea on a treadmill on my latest post?

  2. I will for sure post my etsy link once everything is ready.

    And OMG on the video! Even more reason to get a guinnea! But where am I going to put a treadmill?