Sunday, March 18, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday: Working on my Fitness

5 Things I'm Currently Obsessed With: Fitness Edition

1. Deep Purple Schwinn. I recently spied the most gorgeous deep purple and tan Schwinn. My current bike and I are coming up on our 8-year anniversary. One of his pedals broke during a ride today and he is starting to make funny noises. Perhaps if I get a tax return this year (gah, I need to get on that) I'll treat myself to a Schwinn.
2. My Fitness Pal app. If my new fitness regime yields results, I owe it all to boyfriend (for exercising with me 5x/week & encouraging me to eat green things) and to My Fitness Pal (MFP). Input your weight and goal weight and how many lbs you desire to lose per week (up to 2). MFP tells you how many calories you need to consume to reach this goal. You then input your daily food intake and exercise. MFP tells you how much you will weigh in 5 weeks if everyday were like today. MFP keeps me on track.
3. Neon Running Shoes. I saw a gentleman walking the track in these delightful neon ASICS and had to look 'em up online. The lady colors are far less delightful. Boo.
4. Zaxby's The Blue Zalad. I am a member of the salads are dumb camp. Salad with a meal = fine. Salad as a meal usually makes me very, very sad. The Blue, however, is delicious! It contains mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, roma tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and blackened chicken (and fried onions but I leave those off). I add a drizzle of buffalo sauce and lite ranch. So good.
5. Yoga. Yoga and I have an on-again/off-again relationship. I love it. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel relaxed. It makes me feel strong. I don't know why I quit after a while but I have done so several times. This time I pledge to keep the flame burning.


  1. That bike is dreamy.
    I just started using Spark People to track weight/food... it's sort of depressing seeing how much those extra 2 slices of cheese added to my lunch today...

    P.S. Good for you Jen! Keep it up!

  2. I have the same relationship with yoga. I ditched 35 pounds about a year ago and feel so much better, now if I could just stay consistent with workouts I would be a happy camper.