Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm No Angel: Part Deux

Craftbotic and The Dreamy Meadow teamed up to make June the month of the Blog Angel. Basically you sign up, get a blogger, secretly help that blogger out and reveal yourself on June 30th. That's today. This is how it went down.

I angeled Stephanie over at Whatever is Lovely and Noble. She wasn't able to post much during June as she was celebrating her first anniversary and going on a pretty awesome looking (judging by the photos) trip. I guess I'll let her off the hook since all you married people seem to think anniversaries are important or whatever. 

How angelic was I? Well, I left a comment here and there. I added her button to my sidebar and... Stephanie had specifically requested help with HTML. I figured leaving random comments about HTML would give me away. Soooo I have a few special things up my sleeve for Whitfield Awesome in July. One of them is weekly HTML tips. I was inspired by Stephanie's request and will be listing her as the sponsor of each post.

How angelic was my angel? I think my angel forgot about me. Unless my angel was someone I already knew. Or a new reader who totally lied about how they found my blog. Are you there angel? It's me, Jen. UPDATE: My angel was Chelsea from Yours Truly, who I just so happen to majorly heart! I had no idea because her comments and interactions felt so natural - I guess I was expecting the Blog Angel interactions to feel forced and awkward. Great job Chelsea!

Now go pay Stephanie a visit! Cause I said so. 

Also, in case you missed it the first time or just want to see it again (and you should): 


  1. I want to post you to the UK so we can hang out and have some beers. I don't have that kinda spare money laying around though sadly....

    Anyhoo, thanks for taking part and being a super blog angel. Maybe yours will post soon. I hope so. Would love to see you back for round two in August.

    Rosie xx

    1. Oh man, that is sad. I'd so hang out and have some beers.

      Thanks for thinking of Blog Angels! I'll be back for round two.

  2. HTML help for all? Thank heavens... and thanks to Stephanie for inspiring you! I'm HTML challenged. Not gonna lie, it kind of sucks that you're angel hasn't revealed themselves, but then again maybe they're just a bit late.


    1. That would be soooo like my angel! (I've decided to pretend we're besties even though I don't think she exists.)

      I'm planning to post the first HTML goodies Wednesday. :)