Monday, June 4, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday

I'm a day late and a dollar short. But here are 5 things I'm currently obsessed with:

  1. Chris Hemsworth. I'm thinking of starting the Chris Hemsworth Fund. I know you're thinking that this must be a scholarship for young men with unwashed just enough hair and impossible biceps, because I am normally so noble. But you are wrong. This will be to fund an all Hemsworth, all the time television channel. Coming up at 9 CST - Chris drinks sweet tea. Doesn't that sound great? 
  2. The Dandy Warhols. If you read last week's confession, you know that I am currently obsessed with Veronica Mars. (Though I'm now on the last season...bummer.) The opening song, "We Used to Be Friends" is a Dandy Warhols song. It and the entire album "Welcome to the Monkey House" is quite enjoyable.
  3. The kindness of bloggers continues to amaze me. When I carved out my little space here on the internet, I thought maybe a few of my friends would keep up with my blog for a few months. Maybe a few strangers would happen by once in a while. And then my viewership would return to zero and I would quit. I did not expect to "meet" so many cool people. One of those cool people is Chelsea over at Yours Truly. Check out this post that made me feel all warm and fuzzy and then stick around to read her haps as she lives life in New Zealand.
  4. Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate Dairy Beverage. I wouldn't be able to survive my low-carb diet without this treat. Apparently a large part of me is still a child. I can't live a chocolate milk-less life. Don't let the "creamy dairy beverage" description worry you - it tastes like real chocolate milk. There are 60% fewer calories, 90% less sugar and 84% fewer carbs per serving than in regular chocolate milk. (The white milk is not bad but doesn't taste as much like real milk.)
  5. USA Love List Top 10 Things Made In My Home State series. USA Love List is all about American made products. And this post series is obviously broken out by state. It's neat to read what each state is up to. So far, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, Ohio and Arizona have been covered. I can't wait to see Florida's list. UPDATE: Looks like I'll be writing the FL post. I wonder if they'll accept "Top 10 Things Made in My Home State Besides Meth"? I kid, I kid!


  1. If you do continue your good work with #1, be sure to know that I will be a willing donor for the noble cause.

    1. Awesome! I will put you down on the donors list. :)