Wednesday, June 20, 2012

St. Elsewhere

Anyone remember St. Elsewhere? Ed Begley Jr., Howie Mandel, Denzel Washington, Mr. Feeny William Daniels. Anyone?*

A few things I did while I was elsewhere...

Waste no more time wondering what products might be made in Florida. I wrote a list for you! Check it.

June Birchbox Unboxing >>
Tons of ladies post Birchbox vids. But are they willing to put themselves in compromising positions with body pillows to elevate said vids to new heights of sophistication? No. That's what makes me special folks. Watch!

Joy and Tracy mentioned me during the podcast! Then I died of fan girl overload. They put my illustration in the show notes and gave me diet encouragement. Listen!

*I still think this is what hospitals sound like:


  1. Wish I could have gotten that stretch mark cream!

    1. The sample is so small there is no way to really tell if it is effective. Oh well...scars give character, right?