Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: It's Gettin' Adler Up In Here

Get ready for the easiest DIY of your life. It has two (2!) steps...

I love Jonathan Adler's designs. Unfortunately, working for a state university does not leave me with the kind of bones that people who can afford $50 ceramic bananas have. That's why I Adlerize.

Adlerizing includes two simple steps:
1. Find weird stuff.
2. Paint it white.

I found the creepy monkey above (that looks suspiciously like it broke off a really ugly lamp) and the sweet duck baskets below at the thrift store for fifty cents each. For a buck fifty and maybe thirty cents worth of cheap acrylic paint, I have three great Adleresque pieces. $1.80 is totally within my budget. Sorry Jon.

P.S. All this Adler talk reminds me of the time I shot a fake deer with an Atlatl at the Florida Archaeology Month kick-off. I was quite a good shot. Lesson: be nice to me around ancient hunting weapons.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! I need to Adlerize something asap. Its always on my agenda to find the most ridiculous things possible at the thrifts. Nothing like a layer of white to make it faaaancy.