Friday, February 24, 2012

Foto Friday: Tomato Season

My favorite time of year: tomato season. One of my very favorite things is a fresh from the garden tomato (boo on grocery store toms). I eat them like apples. I could survive off of tomato sandwiches, tomato soup and salsa. Potentially interesting note: I do not like tomato sauce. Curious. It's been long enough since and it's close enough to tomato season now that I'm totally tweaking, y'all. I need my fix.

While I sit in a corner eating my own hair and singing about tomatoes, please enjoy these Foto Friday links:
1. DigitalRev TV. Funny, informative, photos of Hong Kong, photography equipment normal people can't afford and an Asian guy with a British accent. What?
2. Besotted Brand. This blogger is editing a photo a day in 2012. Take a peek. Make sure you check out the before shots.
3. E-PL1 Flickr Gallery. I love my Olympus Pen. Take a look at this gallery full of photos taken with the E-PL1.
4. Lomography gallery. I also love lomography. Look a these photos. You won't regret it.
5. Eggton. Let me make something clear. I am not a dog person. I've been afraid of dogs since childhood. Even the little ones. But the photos of the dog on this blog totally make me want a dog. This blogger posts a hilarious story, then a recipe, then photos of the cutest dog ever. 

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