Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday

5 things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Cryptozoology - I've been obsessed with cryptozoology for a long time now. It's fun to speculate and want to believe. If only I had majored in biology! I could be researching creatures that either do not exist or are very skilled at not being found. Either way, job security. (P.S. Crypto Painting series coming soon.)
2. Froyo - I'm not big on ice cream but I LOVE frozen yogurt. Self-serve shops have been popping up all over the 850. I have boyfriend obsessed too = froyo dates!
3. Home organization - I feel like if I bought myself a gorgeous white desk chair, I'd be inspired to organize my home office double quick.
4. These Madden Girl shoes - I will be pairing them with polka dots for Valentine's Day.
5. Dangle-y earrings - I just started wearing big earrings again. I bought this pair at Target...only $7! They remind me of the Mimi collection by Sorrelli.


  1. So excited about the crypto painting series!

  2. First time seeing those shoes, I love them to death.