Friday, February 3, 2012

Drunk Tank Pink

I majored in communications. My favorite topic? Nonverbal ques. Combine that with the artist in me and you have a fascination with the way the mind perceives color.

Take a minute to complete a super short quiz at My results are pasted at the end of this post. A lot of it is right on the money. (I took it again choosing colors I wouldn’t normally choose just to see if the quiz was bogus. The results were very different.) 

Here's a little color theory for your brain pan:

Most productive color, color most preferred by men, color most used for offices
Curbs appetite, can lower the pulse rate & body temperature; used to treat pain and illness.
Associated with water and peace.
Associated with tranquility and health; symbol of fertility.
Workers in green environments have fewer stomach aches; can improve reading ability.
Interesting note: green was the color of choice for wedding gowns in the 15th century.
Associated with royalty, wealth, success, wisdom and spirituality.
Calming, warm, associated with romance.
Interesting note: “drunk tank pink” is used in prisons to calm inmates.
Associated with excitement, enthusiam, and caution; encourages joy.
Benefits kidneys,urinary tract and reproductive organs.
Too much orange is thought to lead to tiredness, pessimism and confusion.
Encourages the appetite; evokes strong emotions, associated with the danger of failure. Causes people to react with greater speed and force; can strengthen willpower, stimulate the body & mind and increase circulation. 
Interesting note: red can contribute to poor exam performance and clear congestion.
Increases metabolism and gives you energy; cheerful, warm.
Color most likely to cause eye fatigue. 
Interesting note: makes babies cry.
Associated with reliability, boredom and practicality.
Associated with purity and innocence; great for creating the illusion of space.
Associated with evil, death and mourning; known to be slimming in fashion. 
Ancient Egyptians believed that it symbolized life and rebirth. Absorbs all light in the color spectrum; popular indicator of power. 
Interesting note: black is the color for little boys in China.

According to the Color Quiz - 
My existing situation: Works well in cooperation with others but is disinclined to take the leading role. Needs a personal life of mutual understanding and freedom from discord.
My stress sources: Wishes to be independent, unhampered and free from any limitation or restriction, other than those which she imposes of herself or by her own choice and decision.
My restrained characteristics: Willing to participate and to allow herself to become involved, but tries to fend off conflict and disturbance in order to reduce tension. Feels that she is burdened with more than her fair share of problems. However, she sticks to her goals and tries to overcome her difficulties by being flexible and accommodating. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.
My desired objective: Longs for tender and sympathetic bond and for a situation of idealized harmony. Has an imperative need for tenderness and affection. Susceptible to anything esthetic.
My actual problem: seeks to avoid criticism and to prevent restriction of her freedom to act, and to decide for herself by the exercise of great personal charm in her dealings with others.

How did you do?

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