Friday, February 10, 2012

Foto Friday: Quick Challenge

I took the fat mum slim quick challenge - my day in photos last Saturday:
7:30 AM - gloomy looking morning
8:30 AM - I ♥ prickly pears!
9:30 AM - thrifting; found knives
10:30 AM - nice tree

11:30 AM - hooked The Bloggess up with a weasel
12:30 PM - library time
1:30 PM - chicken picnic with Sister
2:30 PM - dolphin medicine?

3:30 PM - stocked up on fruit
4:30 PM - checked out my thrifting/antique loot
5:30 PM - got my glitter nails on
6:30 PM - Thai with Boyfriend

7:30 PM - Sherlock Holmes with Boyfriend
8:30 PM - still in the movie
9:30 PM - stilllll in the movie
10:30 PM - stopped at Waffle House (I forgot to take a photo so here's a waffle I made recently)


  1. I'm so glad that little weasel has found a worthy home - I was so surprised when I came in to work and someone had purchased her. I should have known somebody awesome would be involved. Funny story - the weasel was in the store before (about a year ago) and I entertained myself texting pictures of her to Mary-Katherine. The vendor who had it moved on and lo and behold another of our vendors came in with it a month or so ago, having purchased it from the same guy in another mall. Needless to say, I was supah happy to see it again and took lots more pictures. I'm just unreasonably happy that the little weasel is now internet famous. Thanks for being part of one of my favorite 'Possum stories!

  2. What a life that weasel has had! I think she has found her forever home with The Bloggess. I just wish it had been you that I had asked "will you sell your taxidermied weasel over the phone".