Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Art: Self-Love Revolution Style

Amy Morby over at
A is for Ampersand has declared February Self-Love Month. A month for ladies to "stop hating your body and start loving yourself instead". One of her challenges is to be an advocate for positive body talk. I find this challenge very, well, challenging. I'm terrible about pointing out my own physical flaws. I made myself a set of flashcards featuring the parts of my body I hate the most. The cards are to remind me to replace my negative talk with positive talk. Putting the cards on the innerwebs makes them real. Now I have to try this positivity gig cause I told the world (or at least a handful of people) I would. (Yeah, disco pillows. I dunno why. But I like it.)

Sidebar: Whoa. I was hating on almost every part of my body. Not cool.  

Quick! Sign Amy's
Self-Love Declaration of Independence before February is over! Get to loving yourself, sisters.

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