Friday, May 4, 2012

Foto Friday: Lomo Part 1

I ♥ lomography. If you aren't familiar, lomography is lo-fi photography. It's about film and plastic and light leaks and surprises. And often hipsters. It began in 1982 with some Russian envy of Japanese lenses and a few curious Austrian students (read more about that at 

My current fave toy cameras: Diana and Oktomat.

You must check out Misha Ashton, a fantastic lomographer. I am really enjoying (and envying) her Flora and Fauna double exposure series. 

Moose & Cherry Blossoms. Top-notch, yes?

I first became familiar with Misha through her Kickstarter campaign.  The campaign helped her produce the amazing book of photos pictured below. It's the first in a series and it looks like there is 1 copy left in her Etsy Shop!

Next Friday, in Lomo Part 2, I will share some of my lomo photos with you. Until then - don't think, just shoot. From the hip.


  1. I have the small versions of both those cameras, heh. Misha's photos are stunning! They look very unreal/photoshopped. Serious film skill! Looking forward to seeing your photos :)