Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hammer Time! (My Etsy Shop is Now Open)

Whitfield Awesome Shop is now open for business and ready to meet all your quirky art needs! 

And just so you don't think me a liar, here's a video of me doing the Hammer Dance. Your eyes are so lucky right now.


  1. Fantastic! Welcome to esty :-) Just hearted your colorful shop. Not sure about the dance though (LOL).
    Have a wonderful day :-)

    1. Thanks! It's okay to be unsure about the dance. I'm probably the world's most terrible dancer. When I attempt DDR, it somehow always looks like I'm playing the spoons.

      You have a wonderful day too!

  2. I was blessed with dancing links of both you and my cousins yesterday. Trust are not the world's most terrible dancer...but you may have scared your cat the most. I love her reaction every time you scoot past her. It's sort of amazing.

    DDR is evil. But guitar hero is amazing. When I play it, I KNOW I am the greatest. Not just at guitar, but at EVERYTHING. And then the game stops, and I'm back to reality. Sort of a bummer.

    Anyway, here's that other dancing link.

    p.s. love the shop!

    1. You are blessed! Pippi is the reason this take was posted. I did several takes and the dancing was a bit better in the others but Pippi's reaction really made this one for me.

      Guitar hero has the opposite effect on me. I KNOW that I am the worst at EVERYTHING. I sort of want to die before, during and after a game.

      Thanks for the link...I might would actually have a chance competing with those two!

  3. Haha thx to paisley Blvd tweeting this dance, I am here :) and happy to be.