Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Touché Tuesday: Mother's Day

Need advice from Jen? Fill out this form.

Dear Jen,
It's almost Mother's Day and I can't think of what kind of gift to get for my mom. I want to get something cool that she'll really enjoy but I'm stuck.
Please help, The Middle Child

Dear Middle Child,
If your mom is...
  1. smart, get her a book out of the non-fiction section.
  2. whimsical, get her an old-fashioned latch-hook rug kit. Preferably a unicorn.
  3. conservative, get her a collection of commemorative plates.
  4. slutty, get her a tube top.*
  5. crafty, get her a basket full of supplies.
  6. crunchy, get her grocery co-op dues paid.
  7. southern, get her a subscription to Garden and Gun.
  8. sweet, get her some flowers and take her out to lunch. 
  9. mean, get her a cupping session.
  10. northern, see number nine. [Oh snap!]
*If your mom is slutty and this made you mad, you are deflecting. Go talk to your mom.

♥ Jen

Now I need your help on a very serious matter. We're talking life and death. I have a hair appointment Thursday morning and I need a change. I'm growing my hair out so a new cut is a no go. What do you think? Blonde, red or brown? Here's a little hair history for reference:

Two of these aren't real. Guess which ones and you
win pride in your ability to spot a terrible wig!

UPDATE: Decided on red with chunky blonde on top and dark auburn (almost black) bottom layer.


  1. I'm going to go with the safe guess that the pink isn't your real hair. Also, I know for a fact that the black long hair in the corner isn't yours...oh what a night...did you cut it off her head?

    Seriously, although I did enjoy looking at your lovely reddish/brown hair the last time I saw you, I really LOVE your two toned style (upper 2 middle photos). I also love red hair, and if you have luck keeping it the color you want without getting it touched up every 5 days, I would go with red. But maybe red with blond hightlights from underneath, just in sections (bold highlights from UNDER your crown are awesome because your hair will look different every time you style it. It also works wonders when you are growing your hair out cause no one ever sees the roots!!!!) Yay long paragraph!

  2. 1. You guessed correctly.
    2. I thought about it.
    3. I'm definitely leaning toward a two or three toned situation. I have kind of a strawberry blonde thing going on right now that I like. So red and blonde is a very good possibility.
    4. Yay!

  3. Bahahaha this made my day. I think I will get my mom a tube top. Although she isn't really slutty!! :) Still a great gift in my book though! You are clever clever my friend! Loved it.

    PS let me know how you like the Benefit mascara if you get it!

  4. My mom is a slut. I never thought about a tube top. Thanks!