Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Switcheroo: Goodbye Foto, Hello Featurette. Also Yoda.

I'm just not that into Foto Friday any more. I love photography but I don't love blogging about it. And judging by site stats, I don't think you love me blogging about it either. Boom. It's over. 

Taking it's place...

Surprisingly, I enjoy vlogging. Surprising because I don't enjoy talking. Featurette Friday* will help me continue my quest to become America's very worst vlogger. Each Friday, I will present to you a video of nothing in particular. 

Please enjoy today's video, Yoda Reads NASCAR Romance. Yes, NASCAR romance is a thing (excerpt [slightly adapted for Yoda] from Speed Dating by Nancy Warren). 

*Originally titled The Posts That Will Embarrass My Sister Fridays but those words don't begin with "F", not even phonetically. And Fhe Fosts Fhat Fill Fembarrass Fy Fister Fridays just looks stupid.

Are you on board for Featurette Friday? What sort of videos would you like to see?


  1. Totally on board. You should touch base with Aaron on where he finds completely random, bizarre, and entertaining useless videos.

    Also, maybe you should search you tube for "50 Shades of Gray read by Gilbert Gottfried".

    1. I will definitely search for that! I thought about doing 50 Shades of Yoda but decided to keep it a little cleaner with NASCAR.

  2. Aaaannnnnddddd......When I say that your video might, no probably, give me nightmares, I totally mean that as a compliment. Keep on vlogging on!