Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Touché Tuesday Advice Column

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Some people are abominable snowman handed.

Dear Jen, 
You recently posted about having social anxiety and being newly single. I'm in the same boat. How do you meet men?
Sincerely, Scaredy Cat

Dear Scardey,
You have come to the right advice column! I am terrific-wait for it-ly terrible at meeting men. I should probably suggest online dating. I know a lot of people who have had success with it - like they're married to the person they met online success. I tried it once and had to delete my profile. Apparently I only match perfectly with majors (major douche, major potential to become a serial killer, majorly underwent an abominable snowman hand transplant). I'm sure my experience is the exception, not the rule.*

My only real good advice: stop looking. Do your thing. Work toward goals. Treat yo'self. Men will notice your happy and confident glow. Each time I started dating someone, I wasn't looking. A couple guys I dated were friends for a while before we noticed each other as something more. A guy I went to school with knocked on my door 6ish years after graduation and we dated for a bit. The relationship didn't last long but it allows me to tell people who say "you'll never meet someone sitting at home" to shove it. A couple guys followed my MySpace Journal - we connected over a love for writing and eventually dated for a bit. The last guy I dated introduced himself by showing me photos of an event I was involved in. I complimented his photos and then became very blinky and insanely awkward when he tried to chat. For some strange reason, this interested him. Months later we started dating.  

I've been busy filling my new single girl dance cart with goals for my blog and online shop, thoughts of grad school, a new freelance web project and writing contests. Working towards these things is making me happy. Your happiness should never be contingent on another person. Humans will let you down. Do you, Scaredy. Don't worry about the rest. The rest is just a bonus.

*Unless you are killed by a crazy-handed jerk whom you met online. Then I told you so.

What do you think ladies? Any advice for Scaredy Cat? If a dude is actually reading this, weigh in!

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