Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That one time when I read to you

The winner of the short story contest I entered was announced today. They spelled my name "Deb Atwood". Sometimes I get "Gen" or "Jenn" or "Bi..." but this is the first time I've seen it spelled it that way. Silly geese. 

Someone (unfortunately not the judges) told me that they very much enjoyed my story and would like for me to develop it into a novel AND could totally see it as a movie. I didn't even have to pay or threaten violence upon this person to make them say that. (Fine, it was my sister. But I think she really, really meant it.) 

Before I begin the novel, I'd like to share the short story here in it's entirety. I want feedback. Even if you hate it. The only feedback I got on the contest page was "haunting". Yep. One word. I assume she meant that she found my story haunting. Not that she was planning to die and then haunt me for wasting minutes of her life on my terrible story. 

I'm going to read "The First Dissidents" to you. On video. Just listen, don't watch - it's all talking head. I like to hear authors read their words. I read "Bossy Pants" but I still want to listen to the audio book because I'm interested to hear Tina Fey read it how she wrote it to be read. If you would like to read the story but really don't want to listen to the awkward child voice that comes out of my 30-year-old mouth, you may read it on this page.

Here goes nothing. Or something. We'll see.


  1. I really really liked that! I do think you should write more! I'd read it! =]

  2. Deb Atwood...maybe a character in a future book?