Friday, April 20, 2012

Foto Friday: Fear and loathing (of dogs) in Las Vegas (or Milton, Florida)

Have I told you that I am afraid of dogs? I've been afraid of them for as long as I can remember. While digging through old photos, I think I found the day this fear began. March 15, 1982. 

Fine. I put that mean looking dog there to make my fear seem more rational. The original photo is below. Notice how I am moving my sausage arms far away from that super fierce poodle? Survival of the fittest. The fear still lingers as an adult but I do sorta want a dog. Only because I have a great name for one (which I think is the wrong reason to get a dog). I can't tell you the name because another of my fears is that people will steal my ideas. 

P.S. According to the back of the photo, that cat is named Mom. What?

What are you afraid of?


  1. Too funny, though, I'd be more afraid of that stroller I am sure was recalled than the pups and Cujo there. I, too, am afraid of dogs. Unnerved is probably a more accurate word. Visiting folks with dogs who don't seem to mind them slobbering or jumping on me or putting their noses where the sun don't shine, makes me want to run away screaming.(I am speaking of the dog's noses not the people--though that would be even more unnerving).

  2. Doesn't it look like someone converted a grocery cart into a stroller! Plus one for industrious poor folk!

    I completely agree with your dog assessment. I put them in the same category as cigarettes and babies. If I don't choose to have them in my life, I shouldn't have to deal with anyone else's.