Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday

5 things I'm currently obsessed with:
  1. Self Tanner. This happens every year when the temperatures rise to too blasted hot to wear pants. First, I swear that I will not use self tanner again. Next, I look at my milk glass legs and change my mind. I am ever on the hunt for a cheap natural glow that doesn't stink. Jergens is as close as I've gotten so far. I'll be trying Ocean Potion this week.
  2. Amber Jewelry. [Not that I own a piece.] Amber gets cool points just for being fossilized tree resin. It get bonus points when it contains a whole insect.
  3. Smash Date Stamp. I like to put dates on things. Why not use a stamp that also includes a little message, like, "Stolen" or "Mad Props"?
  4. Strawberries. I just can't get enough of them lately.
  5. Silver Glitter Nail Polish. Each week I change my base coat and tip it off with silver glitter. When the glitter chips, just add a little more. You can't tell they have been touched-up because of the texture. I hate nails that look touched-up.


  1. Jen - number five is a great tip! Why didn't I think of that?! How about I link to this grand plan on my next manicure post? Yes, no?
    Unrelated side note - I am ultra glow white and self tan and shared my tips on the blog, unwhiten with knowledge my friend;)

  2. Absolutely! I would love for you to link up on your next mani post.

    I read your blog post and recent Tip Off Tuesday about self tanning. I (almost :/) always exfoliate - it definitely makes for smoother tan. I just find that I'm really SCENTsative. The smell of most tanners bother me, even a few days after I use them. Also, I forgot to check if Ocean Potion is made in the USA (blerg)...I'll have to try the US products you suggested.