Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A WA Public Service Announcement

(No worries – Touché Tuesday will be posted as scheduled.)

I just found out that a woman that I used to know called me fat online. Duh. I own mirrors, have excellent eyesight and know what size clothing I wear. If you want to cut me, you need to go deeper than the subcutaneous layer. But. I happened to read this at that special time of month when nature has me at threat level orange, soooo my gut reaction was “I’m going to stomp a mud-hole in her butt. Then I’m going to cry about it. Do I have any chocolate?”.

I know things about this woman that would cut much deeper than “you’re fat”. The meanest of my hormones, Mike Tyson and Xena Warrior Princess, suggested that I post some of these things about her. Alas, cooler heads (named That Blonde One, The Boy One, The One Who Must Have A Different Dad and Jessica Biel, after the cast of 7th Heaven) prevailed. The fact that I no longer have contact with this woman is enough. If homegirl can’t let me go and needs to post mean things about me online, so be it. It’s not as if anyone who matters in my life will be swayed by her.

I’m fine. I’m not fishing for compliments in the comments on this post. What I am fishing for is a stop to bullying. One tiny little blog post at a time. Bullying has been a major buzzword lately. How can we expect children to change when “grown-ups” are doing the very same things?

The take-away:
  1. Be the change you want to see and other after-school special-y sounding things.
  2. If you insist on being a mean girl, don’t share every intimate detail of your life with the free world. You are just giving people ammo in the event that their mean hormones prevail. Zuckerburg won’t kick you off of facebook if your timeline doesn’t read like a daytime soap script (soaps are being cancelled left and right – maybe a sign to stop modeling your life after them). Also, consider not posting mean things about women capable of stomping a mud-hole in your butt. Mostly #1 though.

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